Away from my home town,

In this rain down pouring day.

So close to you now,

But I can’t go back again.

I close my eyes and see you surprised,

You can’t believe my presence.

You hugged me tight,

And then in shy you drawback yourself…

(Wo u wo o wo o o o…)

When I really came close to you,

I saw my dream is fake-not true.

It went like a thunderbolt,

When I suddenly came awake…

Now, after 5-4 years have passed,

You came to me at last.

And asked my hand for you…

But the pain that you gave to me,

Was not so small to free,

That I will accept thee.

And I,

who you have betrayed once,

Have got another chance

So I won’t even give you a glance…

And this is the Reality!

P.S.- This is my first song lyrics. Hope you guys like it 🙂 and don’t forget to leave your feedback…it really means a lot to me. Thank You. 😀


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