Have you ever felt love

Have you ever felt love

In the rustling noise of the fallen leaves?

Have you ever felt love

While basking your skin in warm rays of the sun?

People say “Love is in the air!”,

Have you ever smiled, breathing in that air beloved?

The air that touches your eye lashes… when you close your eyes,

The air that murmurs sweet songs in your ears…

When you forget your earphones.

Have you ever… Have you dear?

While walking home did my sudden text ever skipped your heart a beat….

Did you also think of me, like the way I did?

Did you feel the beauty of yours

Through my eyes, Oh dear?

Feeling shy you covered your face,

Glistening a blush, so dear.


The Barista

Chapter 1
Once there was a handsome young man, his name was Elliot. He had a cafe of his own, where he worked as a barista himself. He was a very happy man, people used to swoon over him for his looks and personality regardless of any age or gender, but behind all these glittering curtains there was also something mysterious about this man, because he had a very dark secret buried within him.
Every six months he used to take a short vacation to bring a change to his monotonous daily life. Thus, this time he decided to go to Azure Valley a small secluded town in the outskirts of the city. He took the train, while sitting in a window seat, he was reading a novel, half heartedly he looked outside there was only miles and miles of greenery of the county side. He thought about his precious secret which he would rather prefer calling a dear hobby than the hard word secret. He contemplated how this world is full of passion and love, it’s a misery that one still cannot get satisfied with it and wants more from life…OH MISERY! GREAT MISERY! He smirked and resumed reading his novel ‘Lady Susan’ once again.

See You : CHAPTER 2


I have put on my favourite peach cotton top, brown denims, my brown ankle high heels, and tied up my hair into a pony tail, with a touch of lip gloss and kajal and am ready for my first day of college. I took my notebook, ear phones, umbrella and smart phone inside my sling bag and left after locking the room with Amisa. I have to make new friends now and that included Avi also, as three years I can’t live without opening my window, so I have to deal with it.

Wow…the campus is awesome and beautiful surrounded with greenery everywhere. It’s not so sunny today and gentle wind is blowing with a slight smell of petrichor mixed with it which means somewhere it has been raining I thought absentmindedly. Suddenly a bike zoomed infront of me I lost my balance and the ground was slimy so I fell down flat on my bum.”OUCHHH…can’t you see or what mr.” I looked up the  person is in a suit…do people ride bikes in suits? he halted his black Kawasaki Ninja…came down from his bike and opened his helmet…Wait! Wait! why is all this happening in slow motion? He walked towards me I can’t see his face properly because of the angle of the sun, he stopped in front of me and then blocked the sun with his head… woah…is that a human for real he looks like a Greek god radiating his aura everywhere…”Are you okay miss? I am very sorry!’ he said offering his hand towards me…say something dumbo! He is asking you something…after a long awkward pause I took his hand and got up. “umm…yeah it’s okay am fine” I am not okay at all my heart is beating so fast that I can’t even hear my own voice over it…my bum is hurting and I feel like my left leg is broken…I limped on my leg. “You are hurt!” he said with a face full of shame. “ Don’t be so upset! I think it’s just a mere sprain only” actually I don’t think so it hurts like hell…but look at him he is already so much nervous, so I took pity on him. “ No, we should not take it so lightly, let’s go to the nursing room immediately!” he said with so much concern. “It’s okay! I can manage it by myself…” I tried to smile through the pain. “No it’s my fault and responsibility also…Let’s go!” I realized now I am still holding his hand…I quickly released it… why is every passer by laughing? What is so funny? He also noticed it by now. Then I looked at my back my bum is covered in slime it looks like I have pooped in my pants! GOD!!! I covered my butt with both my hands, can it be any more embarrassing? On addition to it he also saw it and is now giving his full effort to keep a straight face. He opened his coat came close and tied it on my waist…I think I have stopped breathing. OMG he is so hot! And it’s the first time I have used this word to describe a real man other than celebrities ofcourse. “Can you walk on your own?” he said making direct eye contact and mesmerizing me into another world with only us being present in there, as if looking deep inside my soul…say something you stupid! stop gawking…” Yeah…I think so….” But alas when I tried to I couldn’t and I tripped once again to my utter embarrassment. He knelt down in front of me, I was shocked. “Get up I will give you a piggy back ride to there” am I the luckiest girl in the weirdest situation now in the world? I think so…for formality I gave some vague refusal to the idea but he persistently said so at last I like a most obedient girl complied to his command. Wow…his cologne smells wonderful. After about five minutes and facing hundreds of jealous unknown campus girls eyes my princess ride was over. An old nurse came in “What is it Ishaan Sir are you hurt anywhere?” what!! He is a professor? But he is merely in his early twenties I think! “ No, I’m fine this student is hurt can you please take a look…” “ofcourse… your Dad is paying me for that only!” she said laughingly. He rubbed the back of his head shyly, “ see just after joining I have already created a blunder!” he cut his tongue in a cute way, “by the way miss what’s your name and where do you stay? I think you should call someone to come and bring some spare clothes and slippers for you, I don’t think you can stay in these clothes and heels all day, it will be uncomfortable for you.” “I am Raina Ganguly…1st year B.A. music honours department…I stay in the hostel, today is my first day so I don’t know many people here now… but I can call my room mate I guess” “ Yeah…yeah call her!” I called Amisa and told her about my situation after about twenty minutes she arrived, by then it has been figured out that I have sprained my left ankle and aid and medication had been provided to me, I came to know that Ishaan sir is the son of our principal and resently joined our college after completing his degree from abroad and will be teaching me as he is also of my field. I went to the dressing room to change, Amisa had brought my sky summer dress and my BUNNY slippers…was she out of her mind? how will I rome around in this in college wearing that! I called in Amisa and whisper yelled at her “hey how will I wear this to college don’t you have any common sense?” Amisa made a sad face and said “But I thought that these slippers were the softest so you will feel comfortable walking in it…sorry….” I can see her genuine concern in her eyes so I sighed and said “it’s okay…am sorry I yelled at you, I didn’t meant to…thanks for helping me out…by the way you choose the perfect dress! And who is going to focus on my shoes so it’s just fine sweetie” I winked at her and hugged her. She smiled and happiness began to radiate through her…she is very easy to read I have to say and thats adourable. I came out of the dressing room and I was wrong the first thing that Sir saw was my slippers and he hid his smile behind his index finger….” I will request you Amisa to drop your friend to her class room please…as I have to go now, I have a class to conduct….It will be a great favour” “Yeah sir no problem at all” “So then, I will be going now…and take care of your foot miss Rabbit” he said with a smirk and one raised eyebrow and went off. Please someone give me a bucket full of water, I want to jump in it and strangle myself till death welcomes me with open arms. In my way to the class room Amisa talked only about how hot she thinks Ishaan Sir is…and how lucky I am to have such a sir in my department cause all the Sir’s in her department are either old or middle aged.

*   *   *

Why is she taking so long? And who was that guy giving her a piggy back ride? Does she have a boyfriend? Uggh so many questions! Why isn’t she coming? Wait why do I care? If she has a boyfriend then she has, it’s her life I have to do nothing with it! in fact I least care about it! OHH madam had arrived why is she limping…oh she had injured her foot….did that idiot hurt her? And what’s with that slippers it’s weird, but cute too…she is cute! Eww… have you gone nuts Avi…what the hell are you thinking! But it’s so funny she looks like Bugs Bunny. She is searching for a seat I think, my front desk is empty and I have to cut off this awkwardness between us okay then decision is made…”Hey! Bugs Bunny came here! this seat it’s empty.” Opps!! Shouldn’t have said that name loudly now everyone is looking at her and smiling, and she is super embarrassed her face has become like a ripe red tomato, it happened every time she is embarrasses or angry her whole face becomes like that I find it so sooo…NOTHING! NOTHING! I used to tease her more in school to just see that expression on her face. She rushed to her seat in front of me, wow she smells great not like ordinary perfume it’s something unique I can’t figure out but it’s intimidating me very much.

It’s for the fifth time I called her Bugs but she is not responding, it’s annoying. She is talking with Anurag my best friend from diaper age, we also went to the same school and now we are in the same college also, he is like my bro I can’t imagine my life without him. He is sitting beside me, yet she is behaving like I’m invisible…this sucks!

Oh! Our first professor came…Hmm he looks quite young for a professor…all the girls are swooning over him… Uggh whatever I’m more handsome than him! He introduced himself… and told us to call him Ishaan Sir, after that he began to give us a brief idea about what we are going to learn and what’s there in our syllabus. The class ended after 45minutes, we were all shuffling our things inside our bags to move to our next class, Ishaan Sir stopped in front of Rai, bent over her desk and asked her “are you okay Miss Rabbit? Is the pain a little less now?” Raina’s face is burning red…WHAT THE (*rest to your imagination*) why is she blushing? and what does this creep thinks of himself being so close and disturbing Rai personal space!

*  *  *

#Preview of Chapter 3:

OMG…his face is too close! “Umm…Yeah it’s much less now the pain killers are working I guess!”. “That’s a relief! Okay then I will be going now I have another class to take…you take care of yourself okay little rabbit” smilingly Ishaan Sir ruffled my hair lightly and went off for his class. Woah! What is happening to me why is my heart beating so fast everytime he’s near me? No…no…it can’t be anything serious, I was just surprised and caught of guard as he was too close, YES that’s it! By the way why do I feel like I’m being watched? I stood up and turned back…YIKES!

It’s Raining

The hourglass has already awaken the sun,

but the sky was still dark,

the clouds were hiding the ray from the scope of vision.

Soon it was raining,

though the soil absorbed as much as it can…

but still it became damp,

soft enough to penetrate one’s feet.

Puddles were formed,

some jumped in them…

splashing water everywhere;

some found it pure enough…

to quench their thirst.


The sky was in the colour of autumnal mapal🍁.

We were heading towards our individual homes🌆.

You said “wait a bit!”😅

I asked “why?”😮

You said “just because😅… please just 10 more minutes”

I smiled inwardly😳 and said “okay…but just 10minutes!”

“Deal!” Your face lit up with a huge smile.😊

The crossing light went green.

You hold my wrist and we ran…

I laughing😆 said “what just happened? Why did you made me run suddenly?”

You said “Just to see you laugh like this!”😊

I blushed😳 in embarrassment,

You were still holding my wrist…

I secretly glanced at it as quick as possible,

Still you caught me red handed!😨

Then you slipped your hand into my palm👫…

Came near my ear and softly whispered “My Miss Tomato.”🌹


I am afraid…

I am so afraid!

To love you,

To hurt you,

To give you expectations,

To go against my own made barriers,

To follow my heart,

To think irrationally,

To hope that I can overcome my fears.

Basically I am afraid…

From the whole existence of ‘you’!

That wants to bring out the real me inside this illusional being.

Can I?

I didn’t thought I could fall again,

Then, there you stood.

In front of a sweet shop,
Showing me your phone,

Blinking my name on it…
You were waiting for me.

Without any reason at all…
I laughed, I laughed heartily.

Remember that one time,
We were traveling in a bus,
It was so bright that day,
You sat beside me.

From the window the sun glazed on me,
I was so annoyed!

I kept my head down on the railing in front,

Suddenly a shade came over me…
Like an embrace of your warm winds….

I looked up at you,

Controlling my goofy smile with all effort!

You said, ” That’s my new handkerchief, I bought it with my own pocket money, don’t lose it!

Mom will scold me.”

That’s the time I felt like a deflowered rose

Wanting to fall…swim away and melt into your arms for the first time.


Baby I’m falling in your love,

Because I’m falling too hard,

Because I’m fooling my heart,

Because our souls were never apart.

Don’t ask me when or where!

Don’t ask me how or why!

May be I loved you from the first….

Baby I’ll love you till my last.

P.S.- This is my short 4th song :D.

Loving your memories

Here I am, standing in the middle of the road….

Don’t know which way to go,

Does any… of those leads to you?

I don’t want to choose!

Though I want to forget,

I can’t forget your face.

Loving your memories….

That’s the only thing, I can do.

I remember, all those sweet times….

Our eyes met and we smiled.

I was drunk in your love,

But now I want to cease this pain!

Can I please?

Sometimes I want to hear your voice,

Run back to you,

Still I won’t,

Cause now, my love for you have turned into memories.

That is why, I won’t back down.

Like bubbles in the sky,

Our love will fade….

Cause, loving your memories….

That’s the only thing I can do

Though it seems hard, 

Time will overcome,

Though not in heart but you are there… in my memories.


P.S.-This is my third song 🙂 . Hope you guys like it! ❤ 

I’m Gonna be fine

Somewhere in between… life’s crossroads,

Will you look back?

With that smile of yours….

Oh baby… I still can’t forget,

Our hands mingled.

Do you also feel the same?

Now that we have been separate.

I know that you’ve moved on,

And it’s been like ages,

But I still cherish those little incidents,

In my mind they are haze yet fresh.

Don’t you worry,

I can handle!

Though I admit,

I’m gonna miss you like hell,

And I’m still gonna cry,

But that doesn’t mean that

I’ll not be alive…

Yeah…I’m gonna be fine…

hmm…gonna be fine…one day!

P.S.- This is my second song. 😀